Ed Gilmore

I am a seasoned and well respected financial industry heavyweight. I have over 35 years of hands on financial experience both in the public and private sectors. I bring to your organization my extensive and intimate knowledge of the Canadian Income Tax Laws gained from over 15 years of experience as a Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) Auditor, and Senior Investigator attached to the Criminal Division Toronto/Ottawa. During my tenure with CRA I oversaw Business and Investigative Auditors and developed the TOM (Taxation Operational Manual) which is applied today by CRA officers.

I have extensive knowledge of the rules of the Investment Sector as I was employed for several years as Compliance/Investigator officer for the Toronto Stock Exchange.

I have extensive knowledge of the Entertainment Sector in the area of certified feature films, and various on air television productions as well as production accounting, live first run productions held in Toronto, New York and London. My knowledge has gained through over 10 years of employment as Director of Administration of an American Fortune 500 corporation.

My many years of financial experience will give your organization ongoing expertise in Tax Strategies and Personal Wealth Management.

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